Total Scrap Managemen

TSM - Total Scrap Managament is the perfect model to manage waste, when th Client gets complex solution from one provider, saving TIME, MONEY and PLACE.

For Reko TSM is not only complex solution at Clients place to collect waste, but also managing waste due to formation process.

Save your time

  • Professionaly planned cooperation, punctuality.
  • We don't arrange Client's workers to waste removal process.
  • Disposal 5 times a month, instead of 30!

Save your place

  • Presses, ballers, and squezzers — we save your place.
  • We do care about cleanliness in place, where the waste is stored.


We guarantee the highest market rates for recyclable materials !

Exemplary REKO case

Before collaboration with REKO:

  1. Every day paper collection from containers
  2. Every day waste applications
  3. Every day weightning waste
  4. Every day invoices
  5. Every day cleaning
  6. No place on manouvering yard, because of containers
  7. Littering
  8. Several companies collecting waste, working on their rules
  9. Arranging Client workers in waste removal process.

After starting collaboration with REKO:

  1. Reko workers balling paper — no containers, makes more place on manouvering yard.
  2. Waste is collected 5 times instead of 30 monthly
  3. There is only one invoice at the end of the month.
  4. We do not arrange Client workers in waste removal.
  5. REKO provides new containers that are easily identified on company yard, which causes segregation at Clients!